Speed up animating with looping

Looping lets you preview your animation in real time.


Set up loop last to loop the last 2 seconds of your animation, it will update as you capture frames so you only preview the end of your sequence.


Loop single is great for small movements, many professional animators prefer this way of working.


Many options such as "include live" and "loop once" mean you can set up looping just how you like.

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Created with Stop Motion Pro


Ceramic puppets

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Pet groomer by day...

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I dream of... Chewie?

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Amazing filmmaker

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Amazing paint-on-glass

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Clay and corporations

Palestine Red Crescent Society

Teaching sign language

Emily Wong interview

Delightful characters

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Bec Green, director

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Classic re-imagined

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Shooting in the streets

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Wallace and Gromit

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iPhone and iPad game

River of snot.  What?

Snot.  A river of snot

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Magic music video

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Diverse bold images