Arduino And Home Directory Information


All Eclipse editions are compatible with the open source Arduinoexternal digital interface.

The Arduino interface has proven to be reliable with great support and fantastic control abilities. If you would like to read why we have chosen to use Arduino, and what it is capable of in more detail, please visit here.

Both outputs and inputs from Eclipse can be actioned. This means that captures can be triggered, pre-rolls for go-motion can be created.

We have supplied the code to interface between Stop Motion Pro and the Arduino boards. We recommend the basic Arduino Uno.

A PDF explaining the interface in detail can beĀ found here.

The program code to load onto your Arduino enabling interfacing with SMP and is freely distributable and you are welcome to edit the code as you wish.

Part of the program code is shown below, you need to download and install the Arduino programming environment to edit and upload the program to the Arduino board.

Change Home directory

It is possible to change the directory projects are stored in.

File > Settings > toolbox tab

Click on the folder icon and browse to the directory you would like projects stored in.