Copy And Past Into Photoshop Etc

Copy and paste images directly from Eclipse into image editing applications (Photoshop, GIMP or Paint for example), great for adding titles and other effects while you are working!

To copy and paste images, firstly go to the Editor screen.

You will see your frames presented as thumbnails.

Select the frame you wish to edit in an image editor.

On the right hand side toolbar, select the option Copy frame to clipboard

Then open your favourite image editor, and paste the image into it.


For best results, ensure you image editor document is set to the same height and width in pixels.

Using this method, you can copy one frame at a time.

Copy the flattened image in your image editor.

Come back to Eclipse, select the orginal frame and then use the option Paste from clipboard

 This will replace the original frame.


With this method, you must always replace a frame, it will not create new frames.

If using a DSLR, you will have to switch the view to HQ mode on the main toolbar to view the changed frames.