Keyboard/Keypad Shortcuts

Assign common functions to keyboard / keypad shortcuts

Boxed versions of Eclipse include key stickers so you can set up your shortcuts exactly how you like.


File > Setting your shortcuts > Shortcuts tab

With your mouse select the function you wish to control.  Press the key you want to control it with.  If the key is already assigned to a different function, use the eraser button to unallocate that row.

This will set the various functions of SMP to work on a keypad with Numlock On. If you do not have a keypad, you can use the keys found on the far right of an extended keyboard. Wired and wireless USB keypads are a great choice.

The default settings for the keypad short cuts are:
Toggle view live/stored frames =

Capture =

Play then stop audio =

Play then live, stop audio =

Step forward then live =

Step back frame =

Go to first frame =

Go to last frame =

Hide stored frame =

Loop range =

Loop last =

Loop single =

Toggle view Video assist/captured frames =

Show full resolution viewer =

Show thumbnail editor =

Numlock on 9

Enter / Return

Numlock on 5

Numlock on 8

Numlock on 6

Numlock on 4

Numlock on 7

Numlock on 1

Numlock on 0



Numlock on 3

Numlock on 2


How to apply keypad stickers

Locate your keypad, wireless or wired.

The sticker set comes in a clear envelope.

Check the location of where you want your stickers to go

Gently roll the sticker sheet so the stickers come off easily.

To aid placement, stick the corner of the sticker to your finger and then position on key. The bonding adhesive will strengthen over time.