Condense Time With Timelapse

Timelapse is a great way to condense time, showing changes that take hours in seconds.  Here we have filmed a caterpillar by taking one shot every 5 seconds.  When we play these shots back at 25 frames per second, that little caterpillar jumps about like crazy.

In the case above, we turned 8.5 minutes of real time into 4 seconds screen time.

Other uses for timelapse include cloud formations, human movement and flowers blooming.

Access the tool by going to the File > Timelapse menu.

The main tab lets you specify how long the interval between captures is.

Press the red start/stop button to trigger the timelapse function.

The readout on the bottom of this dialog shows when you first started capturing, when the last capture was and importantly, how long until the next capture is triggered.  If numbers are appearing in the “skipped” field, then frames are being missed. Increase the duration between captures.

The second tab allows the placement of a date and time stamp on the image.

You can change the position, color and background color / transparency.