Network Licenses

Stop Motion Pro Eclipse Network

The Stop Motion Pro Eclipse Network editions are designed for easy roll-out across a school network.
The license allows an unlimited number of PCs, laptops and Windows laptops to be used.
BYOD – disconnect for up to 30 days and still make animated films!

Eclipse is a feature rich, high res stop motion animation program that let’s you get right to animating and not bogged down by a huge learning curve or too much tech.

Matthew Murphy

Key benefits:
  • Eclipse is designed to minimise network traffic as the students create their films
  • You configure the roll-out for your network topology
  • Storage ‘server’ can be a NAS, Lynix, or other technologies
  • Compatible with virtualised servers
  • Disconnect laptops or Windows tablets from the network for up to 30 days
How it works:
  • Once unlocked, the local network server holds its license, without requiring an internet connection.
  • The workstations can be removed from the local network for up to 30 days and still use Eclipse.
  • To refresh workstation licenses, connect the computer to the local network and run Eclipse. ¬†An internet connection is not required.
Roll-out process:
  • Your staff install Stop Motion Pro Eclipse on a central server. Individual licenses are not required for on-site computers or laptops and unlimited users are allowed.
  • A MSI installer package, customised for your school IT policies, is created using the Eclipse Network wizard application.
  • The MSI can be deployed using your existing processes and software. It can also be used in a virtulised environment.
  • Students and teachers can take their laptops home and use Eclipse for up to 30 days before reconnecting to the server.
  • The Network installation manual can be downloaded from here.
Your students will have these tools:


Move puppets with precision – Onionskinning makes it easy


Your characters can finally have a voice with new lip sync tools


Layer sound effects with music or dialogue while you animate with the multi-track audio editor


Your characters can fly through the air with the rig removal tool


Freedom to import images and videos into your animation

What to do next:

1. Download the free trial.

2. Choose a camera or import option.

3. Test and use the software, following our tips.

4. Purchase via Paypal or reseller.

5. You will receive a serial number so you can download and unlock your copy of Eclipse.