French Studio JPL

Since 1995 JPL Films has been producing short films and animated TV series. Their work includes stop motion and a variety of 2D and composited CGI.

Their work is shown on French TV channels such as Arte, Canal +, France 3. 20.

While primarily aimed at children, thier films are also enjoyed by young people and adults.

Long term users of Stop Motion Pro, they have kindly shared some of their recent productions.

Some of the stills here are taken from a production blog for “Citrouille ed vieilles dentelles” or “Pumpkin and old lace” (translated to English)

The comical “Tati Ramitsu”, Director Victoria Vancells:

“Tempest in a bedroom” Directors: Laurence Arcadias, Juliette Marchand

“Tea and wafers” Director: Delphine Priet-Mahéo

Show reel of Juliette Loubières, showing stop motion, 2d and CG animation: