Lip Sync Pro

Now you’re talking!

Lip Sync Pro is a software application for planning (“breaking down”) dialogue for animation.
Breaking down dialogue before filming means you can save time and focus on your characters performance.
Find a full tutorial on using Lip Sync Pro.

Key benefits:
  • Bring in your dialogue or recordings in a variety of audio formats
  • Assign mouth-shapes to the audio track
  • Use included mouth-sets
  • Create your own mouth-sets
  • Use looping tools and shortcuts for efficient working
  • Intuitive interface with familiar controls
  • Lip sync pro is a “stand alone” product. ¬†You do not have to have Eclipse to start lip syncing dialog.
  • Quicktime
  • MOV, AVI and WMV encoded video files
  • Print out projects to add hand written annotations
  • X-sheet prompt tool / Excel spreadsheet compatible files
How to get started:

1. Download the free trial.

2. Test and use the software, following our tips.

3. Purchase via Paypal or reseller.

4. You will then receive a serial number so you can download and unlock your copy of Lip Sync Pro.