Charcoal And Paper

We spoke to Kain White, artist and director of animated films…

SMP is essential for my projects. I compile and preview every scene using it. It also helps when previewing frames. The work I have completed thus far would not be possible without such an affordable and straight forward package.

– Kain White

Did anyone inparticular inspire you?

I’m Kain White. My background is in oil painting and charcoal drawing. My main forum has been Art exhibitions. I became involved in animation after seeing some of William Kentridge’s work. A friend recommended him. I enjoyed the raw charcoal aesthetic he uses and decided to give it a try.

Where is your work shown?

My recent projects are music videos for two very different music outfits. One is slow and melodic, while the other is very heavy and loud! I aim at people who would perhaps enjoy alternative films. The works have been in some small screenings, but are on Youtube.

What hardware do you use to make your films?

I currently use an Olympus SLR, but hope to purchase a Canon soon. I also use very basic soft lighting. In ‘A Lone Star’ I used charcoal drawings which were black and white, but used a hand painted colour overlay which was projected onto the image. This helped in keeping the hand-made look without complicating the process too much.

How do you use Stop Motion Pro?

I keep my process very simple. I like to animate onto a memory card and compile later. When I purchase a camera with Live view, I am hoping to use a lot more features of SMP. I love SMP because you can use the extra features but they’re not mandatory. The program is incredibly user friendly and logical.

How do you make the imagery in your work?

I’m working on a new story set in outer space which will hopefully make use of SMP’s other features. It will hopefully include use of some other mediums like material, straw, sand and various types of paper.

Great, where can we find out more?

I have an animation page on the site Рcome and see what I am up to.