Snot. A River Of Snot

Bleeding Art Industries

Bleeding Art Industries film clip for “The Arrogant Worms” song “River of snot”, is shaping up to be a colossal, gross display of booger juice.  See some behind the scenes shot here:
Stop Motion Pro was used to film the entire production.

Watch the 2D version here (3D is coming soon):

From the film-makers:

Fun and whimsical musical animation released

It’s National Canadian Film Day (30 April) and we’re so happy to be able to share something that is truly Canadian. Made by yours truly – Bleeding Art Industries – a Calgary-based award-winning special effects and film production studio, and featuring the iconic Canadian musical treasure The Arrogant Worms (not to mention a moose AND a beaver).

The River is our second 3D stop motion animation following up on our first film (and Canada’s FIRST native 3D and stop motion animated film) Skeleton Girl. Paying homage to Monty Python and to Cordell Baker’s The Cat Came Back, The River is now available for your viewing pleasure. It is our small contribution to National Canadian Film Day and to honour all of the Canadian artists out there.

There are a number of folks to thank for helping us in this endeavour so make sure you watch the animation TO THE VERY END so you can see who they are. One special shout out goes to the NFB who once again supported us through the Filmmaker Assistance Program. Thank you, National Film Board of Canada. And of course, to Mike, Chris and Trevor – THE Arrogant Worms – for letting us play with their musical creation.