Bec Green, Director

We spoke to Bec Green about her graduation film from The Bristol School of Animation.

I’m soon to be graduating from Bristol School of Animation and shot my final degree film using Stop Motion Pro. The project ran from November and recently finished in early May 2015.

‘The Heist’ is a short comedy chase film following the exploits of an art thief as he flees the scene of his latest crime- along with a closely guarded painting.

I made use of the markers tool, single looping, DOP control and rig removal in Stop Motion Pro. This is a link to my website I created alongside ‘The Heist’, following the production from start to finish, including plenty of animated test material, also shot using Stop Motion Pro.

I’m highly enthusiastic about stop motion animation having gained inspiration from old classics such as ‘King Kong’ and ‘Jason and The Argonauts’. My passion lies in puppet making, creating characters full of personality. I’m extremely motivated and strive to complete work to a high standard.

Thanks for sharing your work Bec, we love the behind the scenes shots of how you made the puppets, along with the test animation!