Video Cameras

Video cameras image
Analogue video

Can you plug your camera (video or digi still) into a TV and see live video? If so you may be able to use a video converter.  There are many available that convert analogue video to a digital USB signal.  If you purchase one of these devices, we recommend you test it thoroughly with the free trial of Eclipse before purchase.  Given the large number of these devices we are not making any direct recommendations.

We recommend a webcam or a Canon or Nikon DSLR over this option.

Firewire cameras

Firewire cameras work with Eclipse. Many cameras have manual control over the exposure, focus and white balance, which is important in achieving a smooth result.

Camcorders with tape (often refered to as miniDV cameras) have a special connector on them for using with a PC called firewire, iLink or IEEE.

These video cameras can easily be identified by the type of socket on the camera. The image shows a video camera four pin firewire socket. This type of connector is required to connect a firewire capable camera to your PC. You will need a firewire socket on your PC, either a four pin or six pin socket and a lead to connect the camera to the PC.

Always turn cameras off when connecting to or disconnecting from a PC when using firewire. This is important because the DV connection can be damaged if the camera is on when unplugged. If you do not have a firewire lead or connection on your PC you can purchase one from any computer shop. Any generic firewire card or PCIMA card (for laptops) should work.

USB video grabber
The Stop Motion Pro recommended USB Video grabber

The USB video grabber will work with PAL and NTSC cameras.  It captures a maximum of 720 x 576 resolution.  It is perfect if you have an older video camera with manual controls for zoom, focus and exposure.

The USB video grabber also has an S-Video input.

Please note – our items have been tested and work with Eclipse on all versions of Windows.

Other brands or copies from other suppliers are not guaranteed to work. Please test with the free trial of Eclipse before purchase if possible.