Directory Scan

Directory scan

Directory scan mode works by scanning a directory / folder on your computer.  When a new image is added to that directory (jpg, png or bmp) it is automatically added to the Eclipse project.  This way you can preview your animation as you capture it even with cameras and devices not directly controlled by Eclipse.

Fujifilm, Olympus, Sony, Hasselblad (Phocus) and Pentax offer cameras with tethering (remote control of cameras and image download capability).  Use the recommended compatible software to control the camera and save images to a directory.  Scanners can also be set to save to a specific directory.

In Eclipse create a new project, select Directory scan as the Camera type.

Select a standard size (the images will be scaled to fit and then cropped), or set a custom size to match the captured image exactly.

Click on the directory / folder icon and locate the folder that the tethering software is saving the captured images to.

That’s it, start capturing images in your tethering software and return to Eclipse when you want to preview the animation.



Eclipse SD has a maximum resolution of 800 x 600.

Eclipse is unlimited.

Functions that require a live view do not work in this mode (onionskinning, chromakey and play/loop to live).

Multitrack audio, rig removal, paint and frame editing are fully functional in this mode.