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Stop Motion Pro v8 launched!

We are very happy to announce that Stop Motion Pro v8 is available for download.

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 The headline changes are:

Add depth to your animation with sound effects, atmosphere or music with multi track audio.

Logical video editor style timeline for editing, rotoscope and chromakey display.

See tiny details full screen with the all new DSLR video assist zoom feature.

Take control of your lights with industry standard DMX.

Arguably the fastest stop motion moco preview tool on the planet.

Match shots and eyelines with our unique continuity tool.

How to get your hands on it:

Step 1:

Download the free trial version of Stop Motion Pro v8.

Step 2:

If you purchased Stop Motion Pro after January 1st, 2013 the upgrade is free. 
Locate your serial number and the email address you used to unlock the software, then create a ticket for us.


If you purchased before January 1st, 2013 go to our upgrade page with your serial number.


Blue screen / Chromakey

v8 chromakey thumb

Want to add real world video to your animation? Here's how!

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v8 Nikon DSLR - live view

v8 nikon dslr thumbnail
Tips and tricks for live view Nikon DSLRs

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v8 webcams

 v8 webcam thumb

A webcam is a great way to capture animation. 

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v8 Canon DSLR

 v8 canon dslr thumb

Capture animation perfectly with the new Canon DSLR interface

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v8 multi track audio

 v8 multi track audio thumb

Add depth to your animation with multiple audio tracks!

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v8 timeline editing

 v8 timeline thumb

Want to speed things up?  Duplicate a sequence? Create a loop?

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v8 painting on frames

 v8 paint frames thumb

Painting on frames can sometimes save a shot...

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v8 video assist zoom

 v8 assist zoom thumb

Animate tiny details confidently.

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v8 DMX lighting

 v8 dmx thumb

Take control of your lights...

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v8 recording audio

 v8 audio record thumb

It is great fun to record your own audio over your animation.

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v8 importing images

 v8 import frames thumb

Film your animation anywhere and bring it into SMP

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v8 production management

 v8 production thumb

Finding your projects is easy with SMP

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v8 looping

 v8 looping thumb

Smooth out your animation with looping.

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Stop Motion Pro boxshot