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3D post production example

Sony Vegas 10
Convert your 3D captured footage into distributable form

So, you have Left and Right eye footage in Stop Motion Pro how to share your work in different 3D formats? 

For this demonstration we are using Sony Vegas 10. While we are showing 3D preparation, Sony Vegas has a suite of tools for compositing, basic grading and file converting - and editing, of course.  Other editing software such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere have similar options.

open vegas 10
Set up Sony Vegas for your stereoscopic production  - select File > Properties
Vegas project settings

Under the Video tab, select Side by side (full) from the  Stereoscopic 3D mode drop down.


You can see the other video settings we used for our project.  We have set it to a 16:9 24p HD format.

Vegas Project properties
Start a new project in Vegas, and use the Import media... button to locate the left and right clips you exported using Make movie in Stop Motion Pro

Press the Control key and click to select both the left and right clips. 


Right click and select Pair as Stereoscopic 3D Subclip


This creates a clip especially formatted for 3D editing in Vegas.

Vegas select and convert subclip
Drag and drop the new clip onto the timeline in Vegas.
drag subclip into vegas timeline

The side by side pair are displayed together. 

See the black bars in the middle and edges of the clips - they are there because our DSLR shoots a 3:2 aspect ratio, yet our final project is 16:9.  In Vegas the default setting is to shrink the video to fit.

We want to crop our clips so they fill the screen.


To crop the top and bottom of the clips, click on the Event Pan/Crop button on the clip in the timeline.

We used the option 16:9 Widescreen TV aspect ratio.

This neatly cropped our clips to size.

aspect ratio fix
Now we can tweak our 3D settings.  Click on the video output effect button that is on the video clip in the timeline.

This is where you can create a stack of effects and grading options. 

We are going to select Sony Stereoscopic 3D Adjust.


There are many options here to explore, we found the Horizontal offset most useful. Rotation also produced some interesting effects.


We had our 3D viewing specs with us to check the result while we tweaked.


Now let's output the file for YouTube.


Select File > Render as


Choose the Custom button

Vegas render clip custom
Select the Project tab
Vegas render custom project

Here you can output various formats.  You can see that there are many different options depending on what you are going to view your 3D content with. 

In our case, we stuck with the recommendations of YouTube which was side by side. 

YouTube then uses this single side by side file to create its own versions in the different 3D viewing formats.  This is great because it saves a lot of time for you to render.