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SMP on a Mac?

Using SMP on a Mac

So, you want the best stop motion software for your Mac?  Here's how...

Stop Motion Pro has been tested on the latest intel Macs, and works extraordinarily well in conjunction with Boot Camp running Windows XP sp2 or Windows 7. This lets you run both Windows operating system software and Mac OS on the same Mac hardware (Mac Mini, iMac, Mac Pro etc). Boot Camp is pre-installed on your Mac.  You do need an OEM copy of Windows which is available from any computer shop.  Stop Motion Pro also works with Parallels and VMware Fusion.

There is a video at the bottom of this page showing the set up of Boot Camp on a Mac.

 Using SMP with Boot Camp and iMovie

In Windows, we save our Quicktime (.mov) movies rendered in Stop Motion Pro (File > Make Movie) to a USB flash drive. This is useful because both Windows and the Mac OS can read and write to the drive freely.


We then start up as our Mac, opening the USB drive and locate our .mov animations for editing.


Drag and drop the .mov file onto the desktop...

save MOV to desktop

In iMovie, use the File>Import Movies.  Locate your animation on the desktop.  Import it.


There you go. All ready to edit!

Stop Motion Pro outputs uncompressed AVI and MOV Quicktime files that are compatible with Quicktime (iMovie and FinalCut Pro etc).

We recommend you test Stop Motion Pro on a Mac running Windows before purchase. 

How to set up a Mac to run Windows:

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What you need:

Intel Mac (Mac OS X Tiger v10.4.6 or later) running Boot camp/Parallels

Windows XP Service Pack 2 installation disc (from Microsoft)

Stop Motion Pro free trial.