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Our latest innovation for stop motion animation production.

While all new, Stop Motion Pro Eclipse has been developed with studios, schools and independent animators around the world.  It is the culmination of years of experience in the industry.


Currently exclusively for PC, we are actively developing a Mac version. 


Redesigned with usability as the primary goal

We believe Eclipse is the most intuitive stop motion animation software available.  Try it yourself!  The new icon driven interface means you focus on your animation and story.


Some of the great benefits:
  • Preview animation as you film it instantly.
  • Control exposure and capture frames from Canon and Nikon Live view DSLR cameras. Resolution of high res images is only limited by your hardware.
  • JPL films
    Create complex sound tracks with twin stereo audio tracks.
  • Loop animation sequences to get a better feel for the animation flow, you can include the live view from your camera to see how the movement is progressing.
  • Rig removal tools so you can use wires and props to support puppets and sets.
  • Programmable shortcut keys and the Stop Motion Pro parallel port remote control interface are also available with this version.
  • Overlay a frame counter and TV safe zone.
  • DSLR image lab to take test shots and view full resolution images.


What to do next:


1. Download the free trial


2. Choose a camera or import option


3. Test and use the software, following our tips


4. Purchase via PayPal or reseller.


Purchase outright



per month 



5. You will receive a serial number so you can download and unlock your copy of Eclipse.


Eclipse can be switched between English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese


* Subscription option requires an active internet connection while using the software.

**All prices in USD

 Paypal active long


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Created with Stop Motion Pro

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Lee Barber

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