Exporting and optimizing






Filming RAW with Canon DSLRs


Shooting RAW



It is possible to shoot RAW quality images with Canon DSLRs.  Set this from the drop down when setting up a new project

raw export


Exporting RAW



A File > Export > RAW option appears only if you have filmed with RAW using a Canon DSLR.  This will create a sequentially numbered sequence in a folder suited for later processing.  


Following this process ensures changes like hidden and duplicated frames are kept in sequence.

export still images

Still image export:

size v's quality


In this example the animation was filmed at a resolution of 3456 x 2034.  When exported each frame was:


BMP: 22 MB (uncompressed) 

PNG: 13 MB (some compression)

JPG: 0.7 MB (lossy compression)


It can be seen from above the choice of format can significantly effect the disk space requirements and time to write the images to hard disk.

export liveview vs captured

Movie export DSLR's


When shooting with a DSLR, choose Source: Captured for the highest quality images to export.


This is important to note if you have been removing rigs or painting on frames.  


export wmv 500 email

Best size for sharing online


We recommend Internet WMV medium quality (500K) at a low Size (640 x 360) for sharing via email or web. 
export mov prores

Exporting for editing


We recommend MOV ProRes 422 to use when editing.  


Ensure you have set the Size of the video to a manageable dimension (eg, 1920 x 1080)



Some systems may have difficulty creating WMV files.  This is usually due to Windows not having WMV codecs installed or up to date.  Download and extract this ZIP file if you have having problems exporting WMV files. 


The animation used in this demonstration can be seen here on Vimeo

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