Stop Motion Pro creates world leading software for making animated films.

It connects to digital cameras and webcams.  For Windows (Mac info)

splash dslr control

splash webcams

Created with Stop Motion Pro

paint thumb

Amazing paint-on-glass

Windows 10 thumb

Good news

Charlotte Blacker thumb

A wooly crab!

River of snot.  What?

Snot.  A river of snot

marionette thumb


chewie thumb

I dream of... Chewie?

Lee Barber

Lee Barber

60 40 thumb

Dedicated ninjas

Tiziano and Giovanna thumb

Tiziano and Giovanna


Ceramic puppets

Kain thumbnail

Charcoal and paper

husk thumb

Shooting in the streets

beckgreen thumb

Bec Green, director

Palestine Red Crescent Society

Teaching sign language

aardman wandg

Wallace and Gromit

Brayden Gifford

Velvet Sky + 1300 hours